Attorney Ethics Defense

Skilled Defense For New Jersey Lawyers Accused Of Ethics Violations

An attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client.”
— Abraham Lincoln

Attorneys are held to the utmost standards of professional conduct, and even the most careful practitioner can be subjected to ethical grievances. As an attorney, your reputation is your livelihood. Disciplinary action could sideline or even bar you from practice – even the hint of unethical conduct can damage your legal career. There is too much at stake in ethics proceedings to “go it alone” without counsel.

The Law Offices of Patrick Accisano, L.L.C., mounts a swift and rigorous defense if you are under investigation for attorney ethics violations. The firm counsels New Jersey attorneys who find themselves facing ethics probes or formal disciplinary proceedings.

The Right Choice For Attorney Ethics Defense

F. Patrick Accisano, Esq., has years of experience in handling all stages of attorney ethics matters. In addition to defending lawyers, he served for eight years on the District IX (Monmouth County) Ethics Committee of the Supreme Court of New Jersey, as an investigator, Vice-Chair and Chairperson. He is familiar with all stages of ethics proceedings, from investigation, to panel hearings and arguments before the Supreme Court Disciplinary Board. He has also lectured on ethics topics before the New Jersey Bar and Monmouth County Bar Associations on numerous occasions.

Having investigated ethics complaints and lectured on the topic, Mr. Accisano is uniquely qualified to advise and defend lawyers who are looking down the barrel of disciplinary action.

Protecting Your Reputation And Your Livelihood

Patrick Accisano is a practicing attorney – he understands the burden that lawyers face in navigating the Rules of Professional Conduct while trying to protect their clients. He also knows that almost anyone can file an ethics grievance, even if it may be unwarranted. An unhappy client, a vindictive adversarial party or opposing counsel with an with an axe to grind all can institute investigations.

Alleged ethics violations can take many forms:

  • Embezzlement or misuse of client funds
  • Trust Account violations
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Misrepresentations and fraud
  • Lack of diligence
  • Improper business relationships with clients
  • Improper personal relationships with clients
  • Self-dealing
  • Failure to meet deadlines or other ineffective counsel allegations
  • Abandoning a case or failure to communicate with clients
  • Violating legal advertising restrictions
  • Addictions or behaviors that interfere with lawyerly obligations

What Is The Process?

F. Patrick Accisano will sit with you to examine the grievance, hear your side of the story and formulate a defense plan. He will counsel you throughout the process, which will begin with a written response to the grievance and a face-to-face meeting with the District Investigator or Office of Attorney Ethics. The matter may be dismissed or a resolution reached at this point. When the investigation concludes, the District Ethics Committee may determine that a complaint should be filed. If this happens, Mr. Accisano will advocate for you throughout the proceedings – from answering the complaint to panel hearings to the Disciplinary Review Board and to the Supreme Court, if need be.

Depending on the nature of the offense, disciplinary action for an ethics violation can range from admonishment to public reprimand to suspension or disbarment. An adverse finding or overly harsh punishment can be appealed to the Disciplinary Review Board and thereafter to the New Jersey Supreme Court. Mr. Accisano will rigorously defend you all of the way.

Start Your Defense Immediately

Ethics probes can move quickly and there is too much at stake to “let it play out.” If you have been contacted by the District Ethics Committee or Office of Attorney Ethics – or even suspect you are under investigation – contact The Law Offices of Patrick Accisano, L.L.C. without delay. Call (732) 449-1188 or contact Patrick online to schedule a consultation at the firm’s office in Sea Girt, or to make other arrangements, including a phone or video consultation.